All About General Motors

General Motors has been focused on implementing the best results in transportation by incorporating the technology. The mission of General Motors is to provide a safer and sustainable world for people as we’re in the developing stage of the transportation revolution.It strives to create an environment where everyone should be valued and welcomed. In a team, everyone can share their ideas which could be heard and implemented. In addition to these, the team has been tried to bring out different types of perspectives in order to avoid transportation challenges. GM is situated in Detroit, Michigan and employed over 180,000 people.Innovation is the essential function of GM. Accordingly, it is the first company to innovate the electric starter and airbags by inculcating sophisticated engineering methods. GM is the only company which has been produced self-driving vehicles. The main policy of the company is to make the world much cleaner with its innovative and creative transportation technologies including from supply chain to manufacturing of vehicles.Recently, GM has launched 14 new vehicles through which it was deducting an average of 357 pounds per vehicle, restricting 312,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year, and saving 35 million gallons of gasoline. The vehicle manufacturing process at GM is safe to the environment that included operational commitments for lowering the usage of water, carbon, energy and waste intensity. GM Suppliers and Dealers

How GM improving the Technological Challenges in Transportation

  • Mobility along with Automotive

GM invented a humanoid robot by doing a partnership with NASA that assists the wearer with grip strength. The main motive of developing this RoboGlove is to provide assistance to the workers in a way that they could avoid repetitive injuries. This glove will also help astronauts on the International Space Station whenever they required increased grip strength.

  • Striving to Create a future with Zero Crashes

General Motors’ driving simulation testing is helping to avoid the crashes by its head-tracking technology. It gives some alarm sounds or alerts whenever a driver’s head lowers or faces away from the road for a long period of time. Specifically, this simulation testing is reducing the accidents and bringing the future with zero crashes.

  • Autonomous Future

In these recent busy life, every person almost spends a week out of the year in the traffic. How you would have been relaxed if we could get those past days back? Just think about that being leave from work early, or finish your work at home or complete reading a book on the way. If the automation process has been developed in transportation, traffic jams and gridlock could be disappeared. By using automation cars, you can gain the benefit of saving time. This technology truly makes everyone’s lives even better.


In order to provide best-automated transportation services to the customers, GM has been maintained a relationship with different types of brands such as Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, etc. Other brands included ACDelco, GM Defense, Heritage, GM Financial, Motors Holding, Ventures, Supply Power, Maven, and more. Read about FAQ

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