General Motors Careers

General Motors providing a wide range of opportunities for people who looking for an exciting and innovative position. It gives the value to employees’ thoughts to implement the vehicles and mobility solutions which lead to the automation future making our lives better.

Job Opportunities at GM

General Motors has employed a global team of people who having diverse and talented skills. The team including from creative design to engineering and software development to manufacturing to marketing. There are a wide range of jobs available at GM subsuming from different departments such as business, technical, manufacturing, and internships.


Under business category, General Motors offering diverse range of jobs which involved communications, administration, customer care and aftersales, global business services, finance, global connected customer experience & onstar, legal, human resources, public policy, occupational health or safety and labor relations, strategy & global portfolio meaning, and sales & marketing.

  • Administration

The administration team at GM has been developed and implemented the strategies to bring the highest level of services at workplace including organizational changes, managing different kinds of projects, and more.

  • Communications

The communications department is trying to offer better services like engagement with the customers and maintain good relationship with them. Different types of job roles in communication department subsuming assembly plan communications manager, women’s & military diversity communications manager, social media manager, and digital marketing technology business analyst.

  • Electric Vehicle and Autonomous

For creating self-driving cars, GM has been concentrated on developing game-changing technologies and critical partnerships that always offers continuous mobility. The areas where it offers different job opportunities involving advanced environment sensing technology and perception processing, vehicle motion controls and actuators, high definition road or environment mapping, and more. Gmglobalconnect


  • Hourly Employment

GM is offering world-class hourly production and skilled trades where employees will have a chance to create an environment with a new standard for modern manufacturing. The employees showing commitment and teamwork to deliver consistent best results to its customers.

  • Manufacturing

The manufacturing team brings various kinds of benefits such as alternative fuel systems, improved performance, and advanced safety features. The careers in manufacturing included design release, lean body integration, engine materials, and performance.


  • Engineering and Product Development

At General Motors, engineering and product development team ensures safety and reliability and performance & efficiency. It has dedicated experts to innovate different types of automated products for vehicle development systems and processes. Available job categories in engineering and product development involving plant floor controls engineer, PDT & timing metric analyst, product interface engineering lead, structure CAE engineer, etc.

  • Information Technology

The information technology plays a key role in General Motors because it collaborates the modern designs with powerful technology. GM strives to create modern technological vehicles by incorporating advanced simulations and modern tools. These all are for trying to provide best results for drivers world-wide. Information Technology job roles included senior software full stack developer, software test engineer, UX designer, iOS developer, Maximo developer, etc.


GM is offering a wide range of internship opportunities for students or MBA graduate students. Through on-campus and organizational recruiting processes, students can join as an intern, entry level, or MBA positions.

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