General Motors FAQ

By visiting the New Customer page on General Motors, you will find almost all answers for your questions easily. Still, if you don’t get answers, you can contact the customer service team through online or email or phone.General Motors FAQ included the information regarding the account, payoff, payments, lease, bankruptcy, general, identity theft, statements, online account, and Title and Registration.

  • Account

Here, you can find the solutions for different questions like can I get an account summary?, how to change the due date?, how to change my address with GM Financial, and why I can’t able to access the account through a third-party.By logging into your GM financial account, you can easily get to view the account information subsuming payment progress. Still, if you don’t have an existing account at GM, you can tap on register now button or create a user id and password. Unless you’re a lease customer, you will get to find the number of remaining payments on billing statements.Through the GM Financial account or mobile app, you can able to access the payment statements at any time from anywhere.

  • Bankruptcy

With the GM Bankruptcy FAQ, you will get to know the details regarding how filed bankruptcy impact on my account at GM, reaffirmation and how to make a payment when I am involved in the bankruptcy.Let’s say, if you’ve filed a case on bankruptcy, GM Financial will record your account that in bankruptcy status. Ultimately, your account will be suspended or ceased so that you won’t be allowed to access or send the billing statements to customers.The customers who are having relation with the bankruptcy, they don’t receive monthly billing statements. But, they can log into the account online or through the mobile app. You can pay the amount online by phone or by cash or send a money order. You will not be permitted to pay in the case of repossession status. Know about dealers and suppliers

  • Identity Theft

GM always prefer to safeguard the personal and financial information of customers. You can easily maintain safety for your financial data through reviewing the credit report when malicious activities occurred, keep tracking of financial transactions, be aware of what information you’re sharing online, and secure your account by putting a strong password.

  • Online MyAccount

To create an account, you must go to official website GM Financial or mobile app. For that, you need to enter an account number which is available on the welcome packet or billing statement and last four digits of social security number.You can also link another account by providing valid details but both business and personal account won’t be linked.

  • Title and Registration

For an instance, if you’ve moved out to another state and want to register for your vehicle again, you can go to the Department of Motor Vehicles department and contact the concerned person for further discussion.

  • Payoff

If you’ve made an extra payment after your account was paid-off, you will be refunded the amount automatically within 60 days of following the date of payoff. To know details about your account payoff, you can go through the online website GM Financial. Also check careers

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